Crux and Lyra: New banners!

Universe Insane (Crux E, 21082010:C. has been uploaded, but unfortunately, I'm not sharing!

I haven't been paying attention! Poor blog :C

I put up a new one though.
Much more up to date, and a little easier to manage. 

I'm sorry! Goodbye :C
We have diverse skills now! Instant Death! Reactions! Preparations! Although the graphical layout we currently have isn't even close to what we want it to look like... and the fact that bosses die from Instant Death... everything is going well!
Finally, I went ahead and made a biography for nonexistant party members!
Ahfrrkkssz 08/01/2010
Blarghs 07/14/2010
I don't know where I'm going with Pain Empress... I haven't done anything except a pretty little interface, to be honest.
Okay... 07/01/2010
I'd have to admit, I haven't been showing off much.
But two things. First: I will share a very interesting image.
Universe Insane new Menu
Second, the database is moving forward! Slowly but surely.

So good news all around.
Monsters. They look silly, stupid, cute and ugly, but they are monsters.
Worked on redrawing most of Universe Insane's characters. Phew.
Intentionally left without capital letters of course. However, there's nothing here yet! :(